About Us

Welcome to Wellbeing.Wales.

My name is Jay, I’m a GP partner at the Vale of Neath Medical Centre in Glynneath (Swansea Bay Healthboard).

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine have been keen areas of interests for me. As well as techy things and trying to organise information to make it easier to share so this sort of puts these together.

This is still currently in very early stages.

Please bear with me as this is currently only a self-funded, voluntary project that I try to build up when I get a bit of free time.

What’s my experience and goal in all of this?

I’ve made a few sites before, back in Uni, back in the days when ‘blogging’ was a thing. It wasn’t so much that I was particularly techy myself. In fact, I think it was more that I found some tech a bit complicated and archaic and hopeful that improvements could be made to simplify and refine how we use technology. And so, I learnt and I was able to share with others what I found and I enjoyed that quite a lot.

But it was quite hard to juggle being a ‘blogger’ and medical school. After qualifying as a doctor I tried balancing the two again but in the end stopped to focus on work as a medic. Why didn’t I blog about being a doctor? There weren’t so many influencer doctors back then and I don’t really enjoy being in the limelight myself.

However what I did enjoy was seeing how we can integrate technology to make the wealth of information out there a bit easier to organize and much more accessible.

Towards the end of specialty GP training, I rekindled my hobby to connect people with GP trainee site, that then led to to developing the practice website where I was working at the time, to then a cluster project for a mental health website.

When I moved to Vale of Neath, I wanted to continue sharing what I had learnt so this is one of the projects that you’ll hopefully be seeing grow over the next few years.